Bike Sotrage Solutions, Simple Ways To Get More Space

Even if you have decent garage storage room, bikes are amongst those awkward, odd sized, bulky items that take up more room than they should.

In fact, if storage space is at a premium, they are a downright nuisance- and may have even influenced you to get rid or, or avoided purchasing, a bike.

The size of a bike, in relation to how much space it truly takes up, is actually quite small. And if you can manage to incorporate a storage solution in your space, there is no reason to deny having a bike of your own.

protective storage bike
protective storage bike

The Best Way to Store Your Bike in a Small Space

If space is at a premium, it doesn’t mean your bike has to suffer! Here are some creative space-saving storage solutions to consider.

Wall Mounts

These are great for small spaces, can be easy to put up and can sometimes provide you with a handy shelf to boot! Some wall mounts enable you to hang your bike vertically so you only need to lift the front wheel into position – great if you have a free corner.

Wall Hooks

Wall hooks are simple, quick, and easy. Once you have attached them (usually by simply screwing them in) you’re good to go. They’re a low priced option that will save you valuable floor space and make your bike look like a piece of art.

Bike Pulleys

For families with no room for standard garage bike racks, ceiling bike storage is the only way to go! While we certainly love and prefer the simplicity and flexibility, if you only have a few bikes to store, bike pulley systems are a more affordable option.

Also keep in mind that if your bike has hydraulic disc brakes, you shouldn’t be storing your bike upside down. That bike pulley system particularly suited for high-end bikes.

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