Brilliant Bookshelf Ideas For Small Rooms

Books are life, and not just for the bookworm. But these little treasures will seem like a waste if not displayed and stored in a right way.

Moreover, bookshelves should have proper locations too for easy access and easy sighting of the many books you collect.

For small spaces, corner bookshelves are the way to go. It saves space and at the same time makes a room corner useful and functional. Install in a brilliant and alternate manner and also use wood for a beautiful contrast to the light-colored walls resulting into an attention-grabbing piece.

Choose a High-Impact Theme

bookcase in small bedroom
bookcase in small bedroom

To give a workspace or reading nook cohesion, upholster your floating shelves or cubbies in the same fabric as your seating. We love the contrast between the graphic houndstooth print and butterfly motif in this space. The stacked floating cubbies achieve great dimension, too.

Under the Stairs

Bookshelf storage is a great way to transform that awkward space under your stairs into something beautiful. This one is actually a secret passageway that opens up into a storage closet—bookcases are the perfect decoys for hidden rooms.

bookshelves under the stairs
bookshelves under the stairs

If you are short of space and want to incorporate a study room in your home, let ingenuity help you achieve this bookshelf idea. Storage cabinets hides the clutter but it can limit to certain areas only and windows can’t be blocked as well, so make use of that space and create your very own study area with bookshelves at the side.

For centuries a well-appointed library was viewed as the gentleman’s must-have, a mark of his studies and independent interests, as well as his capacity to explore other cultures, languages, and stories.

We may not adhere to such a class-conscious standard now, but make no mistake: a treasured personal library, however great or small, can make all the difference between an esteemed sanctuary and mere dwelling space.

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