Choosing Child and Baby Bike Seat

When buying a child or baby bike seat, there’s a lot to consider, and you have to make sure the seat fits your child and your bike!

From mounting style (front vs back) to age range (babies to preschoolers), you are sure to find a seat on this list that works best for you! If you’re looking for a baby bike seat for an infant, be cautious.

In addition to other safety concerns, a baby needs to have sufficient neck strength to hold up their head while wearing a helmet. We recommend waiting until 12 months old.

Child Bike Seat Mounting Styles

Before diving into our list, make sure you are aware of the three different mounting styles of kids bike seats.

child bike seat
child bike seat
  1. Rear Frame – Mounts to the frame of the bike in the rear. They offer the best suspension and reclinability but can be harder to fit on some bikes.
  2. Rear Rack – Mounts to a rack at the rear of a bike. Many lack the great suspension of rear frame seats but are best if you’re already using a rack, want to use panniers, or your bike frame is not suitable for a frame-mounted seat.
  3. Front Frame – Mounts to the front of the bike near the handlebars. Always smaller than rear seats, they’re best for babies and small toddlers 9 months – 2 years. Many riders prefer front seats because it’s easier to engage with your baby in front of you.

When choosing what type of child bike seat to get, you should consider your child’s age and weight. Front-mounted and rear-mounted baby seats differ greatly in this regard. Front-mounted child bike seats are generally much smaller than rear-mounted ones.

Most child seats are suitable for children between the ages of about nine months and four years. The lower limit is dependent on the ability of your child to sit up unsupported – that is, on the floor rather than propped up with cushions.

The seat is attached to a clip on the top tube and can be adjusted as your child grows, with the seat and footpegs moving away from the handlebars as your child gets longer arms and legs. The maximum weight suggested for the Mac Ride is 60lb (which equates to 27.2kg) and an age of about 5 years of age.

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