Clever Indoor Bicycle Storage Solutions

We all need somewhere to store our bikes when we’re not riding them! And for our bike storage solution to succeed, we’ve got to strike a balance between two things: security and practicality.

If we get it wrong we’ll ruin our home comforts, spend less time on our bikes, or even worse: lose our bikes to theft!

So our bikes should be secure. But they should also be quick and easy to access (for the kids as well). They should make as little mess and dirt as possible. And they shouldn’t infringe too much on the other ways we use our spaces.

It’s a difficult balance to get right! So it’s worth taking a good bit of time to consider our options. And the great thing is: these days, there are loads of storage solutions available to us.

What is the best way to store a bicycle?

The ideal storage solution will depend on your available space: garage, house, apartment or storage shed. Each has different applications, but in general, racks that let you store your bike vertically, wheels perpendicular to the wall, ideally positioned in a corner, take up the least space.

indoor bicycle storage solutions
indoor bicycle storage solutions

A bike shed is a perfect outdoor bike storage solution for the family who has a yard or patio but no garage (or a garage that has limited space). If you have some DIY construction skills, you can build your own, or buy a slightly less attractive ready-made shed.

How can I protect my bike storage outside?

A bike cover is simply pulled over your bike to keep the worst of the weather off while it’s stored outside. They are cheap and can also be good for long-term storage, as they will keep dust and other debris out.

Some may argue that it’s bad to hang a bike by its wheels, because its putting all the weight on a singular point. But based on my experience and thousands of others, it’s just not true that it will do damage. A hook can definitely hold a bicycle up without bending, breaking or damaging it.

Here are 7 tips for storing your bike inside your apartment or small home.

  1. Hang it up.
  2. Put in on the wall.
  3. Get a bike dock.
  4. Use a display shelf.
  5. Slide it out of sight.
  6. Go for a bike rack.
  7. Hide it under the stairs.

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